What are the Different Styles of Diamond Cut?

There are a lot of different styles of diamond cuts and choosing the right one is one the main things to consider whether you are looking to buy an engagement ring or any piece of diamond jewellery. For this post I am going to take you through the most popular diamond cuts that are available in the marketplace. When it comes to diamond cuts, they are put into two main categories which are brilliant cuts and step cuts.

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Brilliant Cuts

Brilliant cuts produce that special sparkle that Diamonds are known for and is a result of a process called brillianteering, which is where they add the required number of facets in the correct position to give just the right amount of sparkle.

The Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The modern round brilliant cut is by far the most popular diamond cut and consistently outsells all other cuts. The evolution of the round brilliant goes back hundreds of years and can be traced all the way back to when they first started polishing diamonds and no other cut has had the level of research and development to create the perfect cut diamond as the round brilliant and is the standard by which all other cuts are judged. When cut to the ideal proportions, no other cut can compete with the fire and brilliance that is seen in round brilliant and when matched with good colour and clarity, you will be looking at diamond perfection.

Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamond

The second most popular choice of diamond cut is the princess cut. The popular square shape can be traced back to the early 1970's but the final princess design was completed in 1979 and it is a modified version of round brilliant cut. Unlike the round brilliant, there can be some variations in the princess cut as the facet layout and design can vary between diamond cutters. Care must be taken with a princess cut as the points of the diamond can be quite fragile, so the right type of setting that protects the corners is a must.

Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut Diamond

The cushion cut was a style of cut that was liked by a few people but was not an overly popular choice, until November 2017. What happened in November 2017, the 27th of November to be exact? On this day it was announced that Prince Harry was engaged to Meghan Markle and the beautiful engagement ring had three cushion cut diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold. In the time since, the popularity of cushion cuts went through the roof. The modern cushion cut is a modification of the round brilliant cut.

Many of the cuts available on the market are modifications of the round brilliant cut as they use the similar cutting styles for the crown and pavilion facets that are used on the round brilliant.

Oval Cut

The oval cut has a larger size than the equivalent weight round brilliant or cushion cut so looks much bigger on the figure. Looks good in all styles of rings, especially a trilogy or cluster.

Oval Cut Diamond

Pear Cut

Has become a popular choice in recent years, care needs to be taken as the point can be easily damaged. The pear cut looks really good in a halo style ring.

Pear Cut Diamond

Marquise Cut

The marquise is a long thin style of cut, as with the pear cut, care needs to be taken with the points. This style is suited to solitaire and trilogy rings.

Marquise Cut Diamond

Radiant Cut

The radiant cut is quite a rare but incredibly beautiful style of diamond cut. Suited to any style of ring setting and will get a lot of attention due to how unique it looks.

Radiant Cut Diamond

Trillion or Trilliant Cut

The trillion cut is one of the more unique diamond cuts due to the triangular shape. Trillion cuts are often used a outer stones for trilogy rings but can be a good choice as main stones, especially when put with a halo.

Trillion or Trilliant Cut Diamond

Heart Cut

The heart cut is a style that is either loved or hated, they are also not that popular of a choice for engagement rings, so you can stand out from the crowd and you love the design, then the heart cut is for you.

Heart Cut Diamond

Step Cuts

Step cuts are another style of cutting diamonds and they get the name from the way that the pavilion facets are cut. Step cuts do not have the kind of fire and brilliance that is seen in brilliant cut diamonds but they do have a large window into the stone, this means that inclusions are far easier to see so it is generally only stones with very good clarity that are cut in these styles.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut was originally designed for emeralds but it works really well with a diamond. The style works really well in solitaire rings and looks great when paired with accent stones.

Emerald Cut Diamond

Baguette Cut

The baguette cut is not a common choice for a main stone but is a good choice for accent stones.

Baguette Cut Diamond

Asscher Cut

The asscher cut is a beautiful design and is very similar to the emerald cut, it just has a squarer outline. Looks good as a solitaire ring and can give it a vintage look.

Asscher Cut Diamond

You can also find some old style cuts, which are very popular with people who like antique jewellery. The most popular styles are the old european cut which was the first style of diamond to ever be round, however the cut quality can be quite poor when compared to modern cut diamonds. Another style that is quite rare to find is the old mine cut, the shape is similar to that of the cushion cut but as with the old european, the cut quality can vary quite a lot from stone to stone as much of the cutting was done by eye. The Rose cut is a style that has seen a small resurgence in more contemporary jewellery in recent years, a very unique style of cut that combines a flat base with a domed, faceted top.