The World’s Most Expensive Fancy Colour Diamonds

In this post we will be looking at the world’s most expensive fancy colour Diamonds. The diamonds listed below are some of the rarest ever found because they all possess a combination of the finest fancy colours and large carat sizes.

The Graff Yellow Diamond

Weight: 100.09 Carats
Sale: Sotheby’s, Geneva, 13th May 2014
Sale Price USD: $16.3 Million
Sale Price GBP: £9.6 Million

In 2014 a stunning 100.09 carat fancy yellow diamond was offered at auction and the resulting $16.3 million sale price was just under $4 million more than previous world record that was set by the 110 carat Sun Drop Diamond in 2011. The original rough stone was originally bought by famed diamond dealer Laurence Graff in 2005 or 2006, following an intense design and cutting period the resulting cushion cut diamond had a final carat weight that was over the magical number of 100 carats, which meant that it is one of the largest fancy yellow faceted diamonds in the world.

The Aurora Green Diamond

Weight: 5.03 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Hong Kong, 31st May 2016
Sale Price USD: $16.8 Million
Sale Price GBP: £11.5 Million

While the combination of green and pink diamonds may not be to everyone’s taste, there is no denying how truly exceptional the Aurora Green Diamond is. The 5.03 carat weight means that it is the largest fancy vivid green diamond ever to be sold at auction and the $16.8 Million sale nearly doubled the $8.7 million price set by The Ocean Dream green diamond in 2014. Due to the incredible rarity of natural fancy green diamonds, it will be interesting to see the green diamond that sells for more than the Aurora Green.

The Orange Diamond

Weight: 14.82 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Geneva, 12th November 2013
Sale Price USD: $35.5 Million
Sale Price GBP: £22.3 Million

While every diamond on this list set a new world record price for their respective colours, none beat the previous record as emphatically as The Orange Diamond. The $35.5 million sale price was over $32 million more than any other orange diamond had ever sold for. It also holds the distinction of being the largest fancy vivid, natural orange diamond to ever be graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

A Moussaieff Red Diamond

Weight: 2.09 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Hong Kong, 25th November 2014
Sale Price USD: $5 Million
Sale Price GBP: £3.2 Million

The name Moussaieff is synonymous with red diamonds because the famous jewellery family own the world’s largest fancy red diamond which weighs 5.11 carats. The 2.09 fancy red diamond that was offered for sale in November 2014 was one of the largest ever sold at a public auction and the final price of just over $5 million meant it became the most expensive red diamond ever sold beating the previous record set by a 1.92 carat red diamond that sold for $3.2 million in May 2013.

While fancy colour diamonds are rare, red diamonds are incredibly rare especially pure red stones. Only a handful are for sale at any one time and that is why they achieve such impressive prices at auction.

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All prices were calculated using the historical exchange rate tool on from the sale price that was found on the websites of the respective auction houses.

We would like to thank Sotheby’s and Christie’s for the images that we used in this post.