The World’s Most Expensive Diamonds

In this post we will be looking at the world’s most expensive colourless Diamonds. Diamonds are seen by many as the most precious of all gemstones and it is easy to see why because they are completely unique, no other gemstone possesses the hardness, lustre and brilliance that diamond does. The diamonds we are looking at in this post are considered to be the finest and purest of diamonds that posses the finest D colour and near flawless clarity.

In of our most expensive series, we only look at singular stones, we will be creating special posts for the most expensive earrings and necklaces.

5) The Archduke Joseph Diamond

Weight: 76.02 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Geneva, 13th November 2012
Sale Price USD: $21.4 Million
Sale Price GBP: £13.5 Million

The Archduke Francis diamond came up for auction in 2012 to much fanfare and the exceptional diamond did not disappoint. Accompanied by a GIA report that states that the 76 carat diamond possesses the most desireable D colour and has a near perfect Internally Flawless clarity. Interestingly the report also states that the diamond originated from the Golconda region of India, that also produced the Koh-I-Noor and Hope diamonds. The diamond is named after Archduke Joseph August of Austria who owned the stone until 1936. The banker who bought stone, stored it in a safety deposit box in France where it remained hidden throughout the German invasion during WW2. After being hidden for 25 years, it resurfaced at auction in 1961 and again at Christie’s in 1993. It was the diamonds third time visit to auction in 2012 that drew worldwide attention when it broke the world record that had stood since 1995 and it was the first time a white diamond broke the $20 million barrier.

4) The ‘Perfect’ Emerald Cut Diamond

Weight: 100.20
Sale: Sotheby’s, New York, 21st April 2015
Sale Price USD: $22 Million
Sale Price GBP: £14.7 Million

The ‘Perfect’ emerald cut diamond is the only diamond on this list that did not set a world record price but it very much deserves it’s perfect moniker. Weighing in at over 100 carats with a D colour rating and Internally Flawless clarity rating makes this diamond a truly exceptional specimen.

3) The Winston Legacy Diamond

Weight: 101.73 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Geneva, 15th May 2013
Sale Price USD: $26.7 Million
Sale Price GBP: £17.4 Million

When the 101 carat pear cut diamond came up for auction in 2013, many experts in the diamond industry referred to it as the perfect diamond. The GIA report that accompanied the diamond also backed up this claim as the D colour, Flawless clarity along with excellent polish and symmetry mean that it is as perfect a diamond as you can get. It was named the Winston Legacy as a credit to Harry Winston’s history, in which he is affectionately known as ‘The King of Diamonds’.

2) The ‘World’s Greatest’ White Diamond

Weight: 118.28 Carats
Sale: Sotheby’s, Hong Kong, 7th October 2013
Sale Price USD: $30.6 Million
Sale Price GBP: £19 Million

In 2013 the 118 carat oval white diamond was the largest colourless diamond to be offered at auction by either Sotheby’s or Christie’s. The accompanying GIA report only increased the excitement that surrounded the stone as it stated that it was D colour with flawless clarity and excellent polish and symmetry, the note attached to the report said that it was the largest Oval shaped, D colour and Flawless diamond that they had ever graded. The rough crystal from which the stone was cut was only found in a Southern African mine and weighed 299 carats. When it sold, it not only had the distinction of being the most expensive white diamond ever sold at auction but also the first to break the $30 million barrier.

1) The Art Of De Grisogono Diamond

Weight: 163.41 Carats
Sale: Christie’s, Geneva, 14th November 2017
Sale Price USD: $33.7 Million
Sale Price GBP: £25.6 Million

The Art Of De Grisogono was the most spectacular diamond to ever come to auction, at 163.41 carats it is the largest diamond to ever be offered and the D colour, Flawless clarity and excellent polish and symmetry meant it was pretty much perfect. The rough from which this stunning diamond was born was a 404 carat crystal found in Angola during 2016, it would then embark on 18 month journey which would culminate in the emerald cut diamond gaining worldwide attention and adoration. While it broke the previous world record, many commentators felt it did not achieve its full potential as even though it is considerably larger than the previous record holder the $33 million hammer price did not reflect this.

All prices were calculated using the historical exchange rate tool on from the sale price that was found on the websites of the respective auction houses.

We would like to thank Sotheby’s and Christie’s for the images that we used in this post.