The Best Rolex Submariner Homage Watches

I love the Rolex Submariner, like many other people but no everyone has £7,000 + to buy one. So what options do you have? Well you can buy a homage watch, which is a watch made by another brand that looks similar to real thing but without the expensive price tag.

The Best Rolex Submariner Homage Watches

All the watches in this list are my favourite homages to the great Submariner and I will be looking at different price points so there should be a watch here to suit everyone's budget. I will also leave a link so that you can buy the watch if it takes your fancy.

Under £100 - Invicta 8926OB Pro-Diver & 8932OB Pro-Diver

We are going to start at the lower end of the price spectrum and there are some great options for under £100 but my personal favourite comes from Invicta, now while the design of some of their watches is, what you could call unique. Their Pro-diver range are some very nice looking watches and the design inspiration from the original submariner is very evident to see. The Pro-diver comes with a choice of two movements the ever reliable ronda quartz movement (8932OB) or an automatic movement (8926OB) made by Japanese watch powerhouse seiko. The quartz can be had for around about £70 and the automatic for around £100, the prices do change depending on offers etc so don't hold me to those prices!

If you have a little larger budget then I have a great option for you. Where as with the Invicta above, you get a Seiko movement, for less than £250 you can have one of the nicest, in my opinion Seiko 5 Sports watches available and they have some beautiful watches in their range. Seiko have obviously taken inspiration from Rolex for the Sea Urchin but have added their own style elements to create a very nice watch that has an ever reliable Seiko movement. You can also get the Sea Urchin with a Pepsi Bezel if the black bezel isn't really to your taste.

Hamilton Navy Scuba Watch

There are quite a few options under £750 but I have chosen the Hamilton Navy Scuba as I think it is a really good looking watch with some design features that make it stand out from the crowd. If the complete black bezel does not really do it for you then you can get it with an Orange and Black bezel and a Blue and Black bezel, I personally love the orange and black as it is just a bit different from the other homage watches without being too in your face.

When you start getting above £1000, you really do want to be thinking about Swiss brands and for less than £1500 you can get yourself a Tag Heuer Aquaracer, which is a genuine Swiss made watch and movement. I opted for this model from the Aquaracer series as it is in my opinion the one that closest resembles the Submariner compared to other models in the range that have a more unique design.

Over £1500 - Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay Watch

If you have a budget greater than £1500 but not quite enough for a Rolex Submariner then the Tudor Black Bay is the best choice and the reasoning is pretty simple. Tudor are a brand that is owned by Rolex and provides a range of watches similar in style to Rolex but with a more affordable price point and the Black Bay will cost you around half what a Submariner will.

Final Thoughts

These are my favourite Rolex Submariner homage watches and I have tried to keep them all as close to the Sub in terms of design and also size, all of these watches are near 40mm which is the size of the original sub. I have also tried to cover most budgets as well so that everyone can have the chance to own one of the most iconic styled watches in history.

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