The Five Most Popular Styles of Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Styles

Choosing the right style of Engagement Ring is a big decision and to help you make that decision, I created this post that lists the 5 most popular styles that you can buy.

But deciding which one to go for is very much down to personal preference along with the circumstances of the person who is going to be wearing the ring as their job and hobbies can make certain styles more suitable than others.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Solitaire rings are the traditional and still most popular style of engagement ring. The ring is made using a single centre stone, usually a Diamond set in precious metal, usually 18ct Gold or Platinum.

Claw/Prong Setting

4 Claw Diamond Solitaire Ring

Claw setting is the most popular choice of setting for engagement rings. The setting really helps to show off the stone as the open sides let light into the back of the stone and the claws do not cover much of the top of the stone.

On the design side of things, claw setting can offer lots of different options as the number of claws used can vary depending on what you prefer. The four claw setting that is pictured is one of the most popular as is the Tiffany & Co inspired six claw settings, I have seen the number of claws used range between three and ten.

Claw setting are usually very durable when done properly and taken care of, however the claws can occasionally get caught on clothing which can cause the claws to bend. It is also worth having the claws re-tightened every few years to make sure that they are gripping the stone properly.

Bezel/Rub-over Setting

Rose Gold Bezel Set Ring

Bezel setting are one of the most secure settings you can choose and are often ideal for people who work with their hands. As metal is pushed over the stone to keep it in place, the chances of losing the stone are reduced.

The down side of many bezel setting is that due to the nature of the setting, not much light is let into the stone which can make stones, especially diamonds look a bit lifeless. Many people really like bezel settings and when they are finished properly, they do look amazing.

Multi Stone Engagement Rings

Multi stone rings are made up of multiple stones, usually consisting of a larger centre stone with smaller diamonds as accents. These styles of engagement rings are more popular if you want to have a coloured gemstone such as a Ruby or Sapphire as their main stone but still want to have diamonds.

Trilogy Setting

Yellow Gold Diamond Trilogy Ring

If you fancy more than just a single stone then the trilogy ring could be perfect for you. The most popular layout for the trilogy ring is to have a larger stone in the centre with two smaller stones, usually diamonds on either side.

However you can choose to have three stones of the same size. This is a very versatile design as you can combine different stone shapes, such as oval centre with round outers as pictured above or a round centre with pear cut outers, this versatility means you can have an engagement ring that is personalised to your taste.

Cluster Setting

Cluster Setting for Engagement Rings

The cluster setting is a traditional and timeless style that was made very popular in the 1980’s and the late 2000’s as this was the style of engagement ring worn by Princess Diana and The Duchess of Cambridge.

The cluster style setting was one of the first styles of setting to use small diamonds to surround the centre stone, often the centre stone is much larger than the surrounding diamonds but you can also have all of the stones the same size. This style of engagement ring is very popular with people who opt for a coloured gemstone such as a Ruby or Sapphire rather than a diamond as the main stone.

Halo Setting

Platinum and Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The halo style setting is a modern twist on the more traditional cluster setting and is a very popular choice as you get a lot of sparkle for your money. The outer stones on halo rings are generally smaller than those in the traditional cluster ring but you get more of them, which is why you get that extra sparkle. This style of setting can be used with all different types of stone shapes to add a custom touch to your engagement ring.


So there they are, the five most popular styles of engagement ring. Now you can add a personal touch to these styles, such as having diamonds set into the shoulders or even on the inside of the band.

But these styles of rings may not always be suitable so it may be worth considering opting for an Eternity Ring instead as these can be perfect if you need the ring to sit as flush to your finger as possible.

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