First Proposal Ring – Bench Blog Episode #3

The Bench Blog Episode 3

Well this week has been a bit of a whirlwind and it doesn’t seem like 5 minutes since I was writing last weeks post!

Another busy week for me but not all jewellery focused unfortunately as I spent a lot of time working on my other business but I did still manage to get some jewellery related stuff done.

Proposal Ring Number #1

In last weeks post, I talked about getting ready to launch a range of Sterling Silver proposal rings to get myself back into the retail side of things after taking a break for a few months.

Well, the first ring is finished and I am very happy with how it came out and think it will work very well for a proposal.

As I mentioned above, the ring is made of Sterling Silver and set with a 4mm brilliant cut Swarovski CZ, which is one of the best diamond simulants in my opinion.

Will also be doing these with Synthetic Rubies and Sapphires.

Proposal Ring

The Diamond Course

I am still working through the videos for my Introduction to Diamonds online course but only managed to get one done this week but it is still one video closer to completion.

There are only two more videos to do, plus a short conclusion video and hopefully they will be done in the next two weeks and then I can get the course uploaded and ready for people to purchase.

I’ve probably already said this but this has been a very challenging thing to put together as getting it from my head and onto a video has taken a fair bit of planning and I think like most creatives, I have got that nagging little voice that says “are you sure this is good enough?”.

New YouTube Video

So while I have only recorded one video for my course, I have managed to do one for YouTube (I really should upload on a more regular basis!).

This video is basically a response to a video I watched on YouTube last weekend, in which the jeweller looked pretty uncomfortable when talking about coloured gemstones. So I discussed why most jewellers and in many cases pawnbrokers, either can’t, won’t or don’t identify coloured gemstones.

Guest Post?

The final jewellery related thing I did this week was worked on a guest post for one of the UK’s largest, possibly the largest supplier to the jewellery trade.

It was awesome to be asked to create a post for them as I have done a lot of work with them in the past and hopefully will do more in the future. If/when the post is published, I will of course post a link to it in here so that you can check it out for yourself.


As I said, a very busy week and I once again never got round to doing any CAD work but have been watching videos as/when I can to keep it all relevant inside my head.

Not sure what this week is going to entail but will definitely be doing at least one video for the course and one for YouTube. I will also try and do at least one thing in CAD this week!

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