Setting a Cluster Ring – Bench Blog Episode #2

Bench Blog Episode 2

Well this week flew by and it only feels like 5 minutes since I was writing last weeks bench blog!

I have been pretty busy this week and have done quite a few different things, that have made the days fly by.

Jewellery Valuers Virtual Conference

Last weekend (3rd – 4th October) was the first conference for the Jewellery Valuers Association (not to be confused with the Institute of Registered Valuers) but due to what has been going on this year, it was all done virtually over zoom.

Unfortunately, I missed the Saturday and early part of Sunday morning as I got the dates wrong and rather than watching some very informative talks, I was instead recording YouTube videos.

Still, there was some very interesting speakers on the rest of Sunday, although I was gutted to miss Darren Sherwood’s, as he was talking about his approach to bespoke jewellery.

Valuations was actually the first thing I wanted to learn about when I got into the trade, especially as I wanted to be a pawnbroker, this only increased when I was studying gemmology. It is still something that intrigues me to this day and is still at the back of my mind as something (amongst many others!) that I would be interested in learning more about, especially the valuation process.

Finishing a Cluster Ring

In last weeks bench blog, I talked about cleaning up a couple of castings that I had left over from my stone setting course at the school of jewellery but wasn’t sure when I would get round to doing them.

Well I actually done one this week and I am really pleased with how it came out, especially as I hadn’t done one like this before and wasn’t 100% sure of the process to do it.

The centre stone was really easy to do but the outers were quite fiddly and took quite a bit of adjustment to get them sitting just right.

Finished Cluster Setting

I originally was going to go for colourless CZ’s but it would have looked a bit boring as that was what I always did when I was on the course, so instead, I opted for a colourless centre and green outers. Not only is the quality of the cut on the Swarovski CZ’s amazing but the colours are fantastic, as you can see in the picture, the greens are very reminiscent of that found in fine gem quality Emeralds.

Definitely enjoyed the process on this one and I love the challenge that stone setting presents, it is one skill that I really do want to improve.

The Diamond Course

Introduction to Diamonds Clarity

Also in last weeks post, I talked about starting work on an online Diamond course and this week I have been cracking on with it and have finished another two videos and only have another 3 main videos to do. I have also been working on the PDF attachment that is going to be provided with the course and I’m hoping it will be appreciated!

This has been a challenging one to put together but now I have my cameras set up properly and planned what I am going to talk about, the process has become much smoother.

Hopefully I will be finished within two weeks so that I can get it up and live, then I just need to get people to sign up!

New Jewellery Range

proposal ring project

I haven’t sold any jewellery online or anywhere actually for nearly a year now, this is because I needed a break from the business as 2019 was not a good year for a whole host of reasons.

But the break from jewellery and spending nearly all of that time focused on another business has brought back my passion for jewellery and gemstones, which is why I have been blogging more in the last couple of months and have also started making videos for YouTube.

I feel that it time to get back into the swing of things but I want to do things completely different to how I did it before, when I was a reseller as I bought finished jewellery, took a few pictures and put it up for sale. This time I want to put some of my newly acquired skills to use and will be looking to launch a range of Sterling Silver Proposal Rings sometime in the next few months.


The world is still a very strange place but it is times like this when we learn, develop and adapt, so that we come out of the other side in a better place or at least without taking too much damage!

I hope you have all had a good and productive week and are steamrolling straight into the next one!

I’m not 100% sure what I am going to be doing this week but I know that recording some videos is high on the agenda and hopefully a little bit of bench time in there as well. I didn’t get to do any CAD this week but still watched the odd YouTube video and will make an effort to design at least one thing this week!

Stay safe everyone and I will catch up with you all next week.

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