About Me

Hello, firstly I would like to just say thank you for visiting my website. My name is Paul Haywood FGA DGA, the founder and owner of Haywoods Jewellery and I would like to use this page to give you a bit of background on myself and how Haywoods Jewellery came into being.

The Haywoods Jewellery Story

Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by small shiny things, especially if they were rare and valuable!

However, I never really considered jewellery as a career and I was actually studying towards being an accountant but being sat behind a computer playing with numbers all day really didn’t light my fire.

My entry into the jewellery trade was more good fortune than planning as I took a job working for a company that bought scrap gold and it was just like someone flicked a switch because I absolutely loved it!

I then went on to work for a pawnbrokers to learnt more about gold and jewellery. But I had to give up working for the pawnbrokers due to health issues but it gave me the time and impetus to do something that I had wanted to do for years and that was starting my own business.

The Original Haywoods Jewellery 2012 – 2019

In autumn 2012, I launched Haywoods Jewellery, which was an online retailer specialising in gold jewellery such as chains, pendants and earrings.

Over the next few years, the business grew and expanded to include stunning ranges of diamond and gemstone jewellery but in 2017, I began to realise that I wanted to do more than just be a jewellery retailer and started planning my dream jewellery business.

So, in 2019, I decided to close the online facet of my business and begin working on a new version of Haywoods Jewellery.

The New Haywoods Jewellery

In 2018, I began learning some hands on skills at the jewellers bench and knew what I wanted to move towards working on bespoke and custom pieces of jewellery.

So following on from the closure of the online retail facet of the business, I began developing more practical jewellery skills so that I could begin building the jewellery business that I had been planning for a couple of years.

This meant taking some time away from dealing with customers and clients in order to develop these skills properly.

What Qualifications do I have?

Ever since buying my first piece of gold, I have wanted to learn as much about the jewellery trade as I could but it wasn’t until 2015 that I really took my quest for knowledge to the next level.

I wanted to really know what I was talking about when it came to gemstones and diamonds, so I enrolled on a Gemmology course at the School of Jewellery in October 2015 and over the next three years gained a huge amount of knowledge and practical experience in this specialised area and gained myself the following qualifications:

2017 – Gem-A Gemmology Diploma
2018 – Gem-A Diamond Diploma – passed with distinction
2018 – Recipient of the Gwyn Green Award for the finest results achieved in the Gem-A Diamond Diploma in the greater Midlands area.