About Me

Hello, firstly I would like to just say thank you for visiting my website. I’m Paul Haywood FGA DGA, the founder and owner of Haywoods Jewellery.

That is me in the picture, I had just been awarded the Gwyn Green award (which explains the big grin!).

I thought I would use this page to give you a bit of background on me and also Haywoods Jewellery as I have always been fascinated by reading and hearing about how people and businesses got to where they are, so I decided to do my own history page!

How I Got Started in the Jewellery Trade

I don’t have a traditional story of how I got started in the trade as I never did an apprenticeship or worked for a jewellers, in fact how I got started was more good fortune than planning.

After a few years working in dead end jobs after leaving school, I decided to get myself a “proper” career and as I have always been pretty good with numbers, something in finance seemed like a logical option. So I went and studied business at college before I began specialising in accountancy.

While a potentially financially rewarding and stable career choice, I found it incredibly boring and in no way could I see myself doing this for the next 40+ years. So while I took a short break from my studies, I took a job at a pay day loan company (remember those?) and while the majority of the work was pretty tedious, once aspect of the job I loved was buying in gold. As soon as I had been trained, I developed gold fever!

This lead me to getting a job with a pawnbrokers as I hoped to learn more about jewellery and gemstones but we mostly dealt in electronics and while I loved the hustle of the job, I wasn’t learning what I wanted to.

At this point, I suffered a rather unfortunate injury, well re-injury that meant I wasn’t able to continue working in the shop, so I decided to go out there and start my own business and although my original goal was to become a pawnbroker in my own right, I ended up staying on the jewellery side of things.

My Qualifications

I don’t want this to sound like a bragging section but alongside running Haywoods Jewellery, I have been actively studying and growing my knowledge about the industry and in particular Diamonds and Gemstones.

Since attending my first Gemmology lesson at the School of Jewellery, I have achieved the following:

  • 2017 – Gem-A Gemmology Diploma
  • 2018 – Gem-A Diamond Diploma – passed with distinction
  • 2018 – Recipient of the Gwyn Green Award for the finest results achieved in the Gem-A Diamond Diploma in the greater Midlands area.
  • 2020 – GIA Applied Jewelry Professional

The Haywoods Jewellery Story

So that is enough about me, what about the business?

I don’t want to cover every little detail, so I will summarise the main milestones below and I hope you enjoy reading a little about our story.

September, 2012

Ebay Store is Launched

The first sales outlet we ever had was our Ebay store. It generated over 8,500 sales and we got over 4,300 positive feedbacks.

September, 2012
January, 2014

Launched our First Website

Nearly 18 months after getting started on Ebay, we launched our first ecommerce website.

January, 2014
June, 2016

Changed Name to Diamond Avenue

In retrospect, not the greatest decision I ever made but we live and learn!

June, 2016
May, 2018

Back to Haywoods Jewellery

After a couple of difficult years, I went back to the Haywoods Jewellery name.

May, 2018
May, 2018

Launched the Current Haywoods Jewellery Website

A complete overhaul of our online presence including a new website and logo.

May, 2018
July, 2018

Started the Haywoods Jewellery Blog

This is honestly one things I wish I had done it sooner! I missed out on so much potential content over the years.

July, 2018
July, 2020

Started the Haywoods Jewellery YouTube Channel

As with the blog, this is something that I wish I had done a lot sooner, even though being in front of the camera is a bit intimidating.

July, 2020