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Taking a look at some of my favourite jewellery projects that I have been involved with or worked on over the years, including:

• One off Commissions
• Sentimental Gifts
• Personal Jewellery Projects

Sterling Silver Ruby Proposal Ring
Haywoods Jewellery Online Shop

Want to buy a piece of Jewellery from Haywoods Jewellery?
Awesome! Then check out my online shop, all the pieces in there are:

Sterling Silver
• Made in the UK
• Have Free Delivery for UK Orders.

Want to learn the basics of Diamonds?

Then take a look at my Introduction to Diamonds Online Course that will teach you the basics around these amazing Gemstones!

The Sapphire Guide
The Gem Blog

The Gem Blog is a place to learn more about Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires and other amazing Gemstones.

The Bench Blog

A series of blogs inspired by my time sitting at the jewellers bench, from tools to techniques and much more.

I have created my own YouTube channel, where I talk more about Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewellery. Hope to see you there.